Learn film making on a live film in London!

So you want to be a Filmmaker? Take the Assistant Director (AD) route by working on Lili's Song! The adrenaline rush is like no other when you're part of a film production team! An opportunity like never before beckons you!. Imagine just trying to get your foot in the door of an actual film production. Nearly impossible. You will have to work for years before someone will give you an opportunity to do just that. Here's your chance! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hit the ground running for 6/7 weeks as a 3rd AD (2nd, 2nd AD). You will learn the art of making films by working alongside our seasoned assistant directors and other technicians. You will follow their every move. Shadow them as they go about performing their daily duties on and off the set. There is no place like being in the trenches and no film school can give you this practical experience. For six to seven weeks we'll put you through the paces on and off the film set. You won't find blackboards, teachers or preachers as you are amongst doers. Your classroom will be the location, be it London, Birmingham or Liverpool. There won't be any homework, only real-life lessons, which you can proudly post on your IMDB page as being an AD on Lili's Song. Be ready for hard work. Rise at dawn with the rest of the crew. Work, eat and sleep when they do. At the end of it not only will you have gained invaluable experience, but you will have the opportunity to let off steam at the wrap up party, with all the cast and crew! The cost: £10,000 for the 6/7 production weeks and if you come with a friend its £9000 per person. Your meals on any filming day is included in the cost. Travel costs are not included in the price. Boarding: £1000 from your end. We will put you up in the same hotels and B&B's the crew will be staying in. If interested, please get in touch with us via our Facebook page and we will get back to you with all the details.


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