Who's with us

Lili's Song: John Themis
John Themis

Music Producer and Associate Producer (Lili’s Song)

Lili's Song: Boy-George
Boy George

British singer-songwriter


Stories like Lili's Song need to be told and this story has gripped the maestros Boy George + John Themis to spur them to join us to tailor write mind numbing original material  for Lili's Song.


Also, from their music vaults we have unreleased tracks that will be re-calibrated and  resung for Lili's Song making it more compatible with the theme of the film. 

Music Producer and Associate Producer of Lili’s Song is a Guitarist and passionate songwriter. John has had Top Ten and Number one success performing, producing, arranging and writing for artists from Cat Stevens (Yusuf), Kylie Minogue, Elton John, Craig David, George Michael, Rod Stewart, Dido, Gabrielle, Will Young, The Spice Girls, Tori Amos, Bryan Ferry etc.


This creative genius joins us as the music producer on all the tracks, background scoring and sound design. We have already recorded four of the main tracks, two with Boy George and rapster Ashley Joseph.  

Mica Paris is one of the most respected female singers with a career full of Top 10 hit singles and albums worldwide.  


Mica has collaborated with respected artists such as  David Gilmour the genius guitarist and co-vocalist of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd, Prince, Jimmy Barnes, Jools Holland,  James Morrison, etc.  


She joins us on Lili's journey and has consented to play a guest role in Lili's Song as one of the competition judges.

Julian Clary is regarded as one of Britain’s best loved comedians with over 80 peformances to his credit. Currently hosting ‘Canned Clary’ a lively chat show at the St James Theatre in London.


An author of five novels and the latest best seller being ‘Briefs Encountered’.


We have finally found in Julian our third competition judge along with Mica Paris and John Themis. These three talented individuals will bring their own contrasting brand of common sense, wisdom and sharpness to ‘Gifted Britain’ competition.  

Lili's Song: Julian-Clary
Julian Clary

Comedian. Novelist. Actor. Stage. Film. TV

Lili's Song: Mica Paris
Mica Paris

Soul Queen. Legendary Vocalist. Author. TV Presenter. Actress

Laura London has created quite a unique presence for herself in the world of entertainment. She is revered and equally adored mistress of modern magic, a successful magician and compere.


Laura is the host of 'Gifted Britain' talent competition on Lili's Song where she will mesmerise the audience with her special brand of bewitching slight-of-hand performances.

Lili's Song: Laura London Mistress of Magic
Laura London

Mistress of Modern Magic

'Create your own power'! The master of self distribution Marcus Markou, a big supporter of Lili's Song joins us to impart his experience of social media marketing and self marketing to create new systems and hybrid ways of working with sales agents and exhibitors.


A true trailblazer with his low budget family comedy drama ‘Papadopoulos and Sons’ in UK cinemas, gaining massive box office (per screen average) and then doing the same around the world.

Lili's Song: Markus Markou
Marcus Markou

Writer. Director. Producer. Internet Entrepreneur

Naeem has 23 years experience as a Chartered Accountant and extensive experience in business, financial management, tax, forensic accounting, auditing, tax planning and budgeting. 


As a director of his successful accounting practice, Naeem uses his invaluable financial experience to ensure this company’s financial affairs are expertly controlled and managed hence, keeping Lili's Song accounting in the black.

Lili's Song: Naeem Shareef
Naeem Shareef

Executive Producer and Financial Controller

Zahed Amanullah is a writer and consultant on Muslim communities. He is Chief Media Officer at Unitas Communications, a London-based communications consultancy and a founding board member of CEDAR, a pan-European network of Muslim professionals.


Comments regularly on Muslim communities and consumers in national and international media and conferences worldwide. His writings and analysis have been featured in a wide variety of media outlets, including BBC TV and radio, the Guardian (UK), The National (UAE), The Daily Star (Lebanon), CNN International, Al Jazeera, Le Monde, Press TV and many others.


Zahed helps Lili's Song team with promotions, outreach, and social media messaging to make sure the story of Lili’s Song reaches a worldwide audience with maximum impact.

Lili's Song: Zahed Amanullah
Zahed Amanullah

Social Media and Strategy Consultant